The Ashrama was first established in June 1922 in a rented thateched house on Govind Mitra Road thatched house on Govind Mitra Road, Bankipore, Patna. It was recognised by the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math (Howrah) as one of its branch centres in 1926, and was shifted to its present site on the 9th December 1930, sometime after the mission had already purchased seven bighas of land with a few old mango threes and an old house roofed with country tiles on bamboo frame. Swami Jnaneswarananda was the Founder Secretary of the Ashrama.

Since then the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama at Patna has been rendering dedicated services to the people of this region for more than nine decades.

In the process of its growth, as moulded by local circumstances and demands of public need, the activities of the Ashrama have been mostly directed towards medical and educational, for giving relief to the ailing and the sick.